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Healthy Churches; Glorifying God through Loving relationships, Praying, Developing leadership,

Biblical Stewardship, and Harvesting

State Presbyter Jeffery A. Davis


Regional Presbyters


Region 1          Rolf Woodard

Region 2          Steve Crews

Region 3          Clarence Laney Jr.

Region 4          Eugene Hartley

Region 5          Frank Taylor


Region 1 District Bishops/Coordinators

Blue Ridge - Pamela Johnson

Lake Norman - Ron Blackmon

Mayberry - Titus Anderson

Queen City - Rae Sutherland

Region 2 District Bishops/Coordinators

Pee Dee River - Iris Tillman

Sandhills - Dean Dixon

Sanford - Adam Beddingfield

Southern Piedmont - Jason Bowser

Southern Pines - Steve Crews


Region 3 District Bishops/Coordinators

Capital - Kenneth George

Triad - Ted Fortenberry

University - Ronnie Bradford

Region 4 District Bishops/Coordinators

Coastal - Nina Davis

Johnston County - Jesse Hartley

Rocky Mount - Chris Payne

Wayne County - Ralph Parker


Region 5 District Bishops/Coordinators

All American - Bill Vines

Denim - Frank Taylor

Lumber River - Tim Holden

Small Town - Sam Watkins

State Board of Directors

State Bishop, Chairman

Jeffery A. Davis, Floyd Collins, Steve Crews, Benjamin Duncan, Eugene Hartley, Clarence Laney Jr., Frank Taylor, Bill Vines, Rolf Woodard


Core Value Love Director Rolf Woodard


State Worship & Arts Council

Director Jeff Burkhardt

Dale Manual, Dee Netcliff


First Impressions Council

Director Roy Morgan

Montae Bryant, Thaddaeus Lamb

Senior Ministers Pastor Kenneth Dees
JOY Celebration Director TBD
Women’s Ministry Director Helen McInnis

Advisory Council Aileen Reid, Judy Dickerson, Effie Woodard

Pastoral Care Ministries Jeffery A. Davis & Rolf Woodard

Men's (Retreat) Ministry Director Al Byrd

Adam Beddingfield, Adrian Brewington, Phillip Brewington, LaRod Brown, Randolph Cunningham, James Hamilton, Jonathan Hartley, Adam Herod, Les Herod, Kenny Lee, Dale Manual, Larry Ratcliff, Charles Rouse,  CJ Rouse, Terry Whitley, Roosevelt Williams


Core Value Prayer Directors Michael & Janice Roseboro

State Prayer Council Adam Beddingfield, David Bing, Devon Blanton, Montae Bryant,  Ted Fortenberry, Casi Gilmer, Faith Green, Peggy House,  Christine McCain, Vernon Riggins, Rae Sutherland, Tobias Trogdon, Patrick Villanueva, Lakima Walker, Marguerite Wormley


Core Value Leadership Development Directors Kenny & Melissa Lee


School of David Director  Jason Bowser

School of David Faculty and Leadership Development Council

Dr. Jeanette Barnes, Devon Blanton, Kenneth George, Jacqueline Kehinde, Kenny Lee, Trevor Reid, Jeff White, Rolf Woodard


State School of David Additional Faculty

Devon Blanton, Steve Crews, Jeffery A. Davis, Phillip Davis, Robert Davis, Benjamin Duncan, Clarence Laney Jr., George McLaughlin, Roy Morgan, Trevor Reid, Janice Roseboro, Michael Roseboro, Bill Vines, Jeff White, Rolf Woodard


Core Value Harvest Director TBA


UpFront Generation (Children's Ministry) State Council

Director Amy Morgan

Council Members Sheba Ricks, Cheryl Walser

Children’s Ministers in Training Amanda Walser, Katelyn Walser, Anna Bowser


Youth Ministries

State Youth Directors Carmen & Chris Price                                               

State Youth Council Angie Dixon, Tony Dixon, Derrick Hamlin, Tracey Hamlin, Brittany Howard, Melisssa Lee, Ashley Rouse, Austin Travelstead

Youth, College, Singles Council Carmen & Chris Price      


Maranatha Fest                                   

Chairmen James & Djuana Parker
Shannon Brewer, Wendy Burnette, Stacy Collins, Sabrina Johnson, Marcus Norris, Shaéd Parker, Sheba Ricks, Rolf Woodard

Executive Directors of the Camping Ministry & Family Fest Coordinators James & Djuana Parker

Assistants Tony & Angie Dixon



Senior High - ages 15-18

Kenny & Melissa Lee

Senior - ages 13-14

Tony & Dwana Langley


Junior High - ages 11-12

Derrick & Tracey Hamlin


Junior - ages 8-10

Carmen & Chris Price


Primary - ages 5-7

Jenifer & Alan McLamb


Core Value Stewardship Director TBD


State Convention Executive Committee
Chairman Ronnie Bradford

Vice-Chairman Vernon Riggins

Secretary Helen McInnis

Board Members Chris Alston, Titus Anderson, David Bing, Jason Bowser,  Brandy Evans, Tim Holden, Pamela Johnson, Jimmy Sutton


State Convention Task Force

Chairman Les Herod

Vice-Chairman Rolf Woodard

Shannon Brewer, Montae Bryant,  Thaddaeus Lamb, Kenny Lee, Amy Morgan, Roy Morgan, Effie Woodard

State Finance Committee 

Chairman Benjamin Duncan

Board Members Ron Brisson, Jeff Burkhardt, Tammy Duncan, Earlie Johnson, Joey Marsh, J.R. Ricks, Jr., Frank Taylor


State Ministerial Review Board

Chairman Jeffery A. Davis

Vice-Chairman Kenny Lee

Board Members Dr. Jeannette Barnes, Fred S. Fisher Sr., Clarence Laney Jr., Lomuel Stroman, Iris Tillman, Tracey Haire  (Secretary)

New Pastor Orientation Team

Lead Coordinator Kenny Lee

Titus Anderson

Jason Bowser

Tim Holden


State Office Staff

Secretary to the State Bishop Tracey Haire

Chief Finance Director (Treasurer & Office Manager) Tammy Duncan

Office Assistant Thaddaeus Lamb

Office Media & Tech Support Les Herod

Communications Coordinator; State Ministries Staff Liaison & Ministries Resources Les Herod


State Property Superintendent, State Offices & Camp Maranatha Manager Shannon Brewer


Camp Maranatha Board
Chairman Steve Crews

Vice-Chairman Earlie Johnson

Board Members Tony Clewis, Tony Collins, Les Herod, Joe Jonas (Historical Advisor), Kenny Lee, James Parker, Jim Warren 

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Empowered by the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, through Prayer and Love we will: win the lost; disciple the believer; and, equip and develop leaders to develop healthy, strong and thriving local churches, and prepare for the Lord's return.


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