Healthy Churches; Glorifying God through Loving relationships, Praying, Developing leadership, Biblical Stewardship, and Harvesting


Bishop Jeffery & Terry Davis

Welcome to the North Carolina Church of God of Prophecy website!


We hope that as you visit our site, you are able to find the information you need. It is our hope that the information serves as an inspiration; as well as a resource that equips you to have healthy loving relationships, a healthy prayer life, and to be a servant of the LORD Jesus Christ.  If you are looking for a church home, we have over 130 churches and missions (start-up churches) throughout North Carolina; please visit the directory.  Moreover, the Church of God of Prophecy is a Global Church with more than 1.5 million members spread across 135 nations of the world.  If you need information regarding churches in other states or nations, visit our International Office website at  Our prayer is that your visit to this site has encouraged you in your personal journey with Christ, and strengthens your connection with this extraordinary global church family. Bishop Jeffery A. Davis serves as the Presbyter of North Carolina Church of God of Prophecy. He is a leader of leaders, giving oversight to one hundred and twenty-seven pastors, bishops, licensed ministers, lay leaders, and the Ministry Directors who connect directly with local churches throughout North Carolina to provide inspirational leadership and direction.  

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